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UGG® Australia
Since 1978, when a young surfer from Australia first brought his sheepskin boots to the United States, to the present day, the UGG® Australia brand has earned the love of those around the world by continually crafting luxurious footwear, apparel and accessories that look and feed like no other.

This feeling begins with one magical material, sheepskin. Many other boot and shoemakers use sheepskin in their product, but no other brand goes to the lengths UGG® Australia does in selecting and designing in sheepskin. The mastery of this distinctive material is deeply ingrained in our rich history. While we use a variety of exquisite materials in the crafting of our products, it's what we have done with sheepskin that has made UGG® Australia a global phenomenon. By fashioning boots, shoes, sandals, apparel and accessories using only the finest available sheepskins, we deliver a luxurious comfort that is truly one of a kind, escapes words and cannot be equaled by any ordinary material. Once you have experience a unique creation from UGG® Australia, you will understand why you have to feel it to believe it.

Our sister site is an authorised website retailer of the world famous Ugg® Australia brand. Australia products by the Decker Outdoor Corporation. Please visit this site for further details. Please note, this site is for Australian customers only.
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